Delirio Dei Sensi

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Vibravoid is one of those bands that give off a quite distinct vibe when listening to them. Throughout their latest album “Delirio Dei Sensi” I caught the vibe of a band trying to embrace the vast heritage of prog-rock and psychedelia while trying to compress it into the form of yet another studio album. While both being spaced out and incredibly focused, Vibravoid is one of those bands that I can’t quite decide where to put in my little categorization boxes – and as such, let’s just stick to the tunes they produce as they are of far greater importance here.

Let’s start with the slightly quirky opening track that is a rendition of Serge Gainsbourg’s “Poupée De Cire”. The track is mainly driven by the organ/synth sounds and the hazy slightly stoned-sounding vocals. This upbeat track greatly reminds me of the Danish folk-psych band Elevatorfører because of the similarly upbeat and ‘happy-go-lucky’ approach to the psyche genre.

As the album progresses, so does the runtime of the tracks as we reach the longest running track “The Golden Escalator” which clocks in at just about 13 minutes. This psychedelic journey, dominated by tremolo guitar, ping-ponging echoes, what seems to be a sitar and a vast array of other psychedelic musical textures, is like a small journey through an eastern part of your minds darkest depths. The journey is long and confusing, but in the end you feel satisfied and, well, mentally exhausted. But the journey doesn’t end there as the album once again picks up the pace for the last tracks of the album.

The eastern influence continues on “Nearby Shiras” which rings with a familiar sound as the quiet whispers echo through my speakers to the sound of drumming and sounds vastly reminiscent to Pink Floyd’s “Set The Controls Heart For The Heart Of The Sun”. As the track evolves into an organ based jam filled with the banging of gongs and echoing sounds I am once again being reminded of the similarities between this track and the early 70’s version of Pink Floyd, prior to the Dark Side of the Moon. – Which really isn’t a bad thing; to be exact it’s actually just the kind of thing that I dig the most about albums like this.

So, while Vibravoid actually never manages to reinvent music as we know it, they have created a masterful piece of progressive psych reminiscent of the greats in the genre, and I am happy about the fact that I actually took the time necessary to acquire this album. Vibravoid just got themselves a new fan, I can tell you that much.


Download: The Golden Escalator, Nearby Shiras, The Empty Sky
For The Fans Of: Early 70’s Pink Floyd, Elevatorfører, Electric Moon

Release Date 30.03.2013
Go Down Records/Stoned Karma Records

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