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Sky Burial

Written by: AZ on 24/04/2013 01:29:16

If I had to describe this EP with two words, I would use “raw” and “energetic”. ”Raw” is for the authentic, indescribable and irreplaceable feeling that each composition carries within. I'm talking about that persistent and recurrent feeling which shows up every time you play that special tune. Each time you hear the opening chords, you are sucked in by the music with full force as a reminder to what the song contains. This feeling is a rare and true characteristic of all great musical pieces.

As one of the basic building blocks of the hardcore genre, “energy” finds itself on display throughout the entire release named “Sky Burial” – and rightfully so! Its creators – Reign Supreme – are a band whose name gives enough insight into the goals they pursue. Aiming to stay in a niche that has been explored over and over again, the guys seek to make a statement by pounding listeners with the weight of their music rather that its innovation.

The group from Philadelphia can simply be described as a heavy-weight contender in the underground category of metalized hardcore. With its short bursts of anger that go way beyond my expectations, I find myself truly inspired by this band. The earth-shaking stomps that they execute with fierce power give me chills. Songs like “Heartsick” and “The Hopelessly Devoted” leave me wondering about the havoc these dudes manage to spread amongst the mosh fanatics live. I can almost see myself jumping from any stage to “In Tongues” and singing proud “All we are is all we ever were” to “It Feels Like A Thousand Years”.

Further great qualities that Reign Supreme possess are good tension build-ups and song-structures in general. In various places during the whole EP, you can witness how drums, vocals and guitars tie a wide knot that seems to tighten with each second passed. Every ascent's climax is a vicious breakdown and fits perfectly in the context of its song. I leave it to you to check out the last track of “Sky Burial” entitled “Guilty”, in order to experience the band's great composing.

Have I heard a better hardcore record this year? Nope! Do I recommend it? Yes – be sure to give it a listen in the player below!


Download: It Feels Like A Thousand Years, Heartsick, Guilty
For The Fans Of: Terror, Integrity, Hatebreed
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Release Date 19.03.2013
Mediaskare Records

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