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Mongo Life

Written by: PP on 18/04/2013 23:57:51

The problem with The Mongoloids isn't with their style of hardcore, it's with their vocalist. While they're humorous and energetic live, and even have an easily recognizable sound within hardcore, they fail to convey this on a record in a manner that'd impress the listener. "Mongo Life", their latest full length, namely suffers from the same problems as their previous records: it's groovy, but my god is their vocalist's expression annoying. If only he would deviate from the tone-deaf singing style even for a second, but no, he carries on throughout the whole record without making a change to his sound levels, resulting in the listener tuning off the record by song six because they just can't take any more of his snarly, testosterone-driven style.

I don't blame those people - even I find his expression annoying to say the least. But at the same time you understand why people like this - despite it's irritating qualities, it's still a recognizable voice much in the same way as Deez Nuts in that you can't mistake him for anyone else. This is the reason why The Mongoloids have succeeded over the years. Well, that, and their ultra-groovy approach to writing hardcore which avoids breakdowns and slam-friendly sections in favour of a more dynamic and catchy guitar sound. "Mongo Life" is basically full of such songwriting; it may be unambitious, but at least it sounds like The Mongoloids and like no-one else really.

The few bright moments on the record are, unsurprisingly, when the vocals are lent to another band member who has a more conventional hardcore scream. It takes the spotlight off from the ridiculous lead vocalist who has been called everything from cookie monster to much more derogative terms based off what I've read on the net. That said, "Mongo Life" isn't a bad record, but it isn't a very good one either. It's standard fare within hardcore, aside from it's, ahem, original sound thanks to their vocalist.

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Release date 01.04.2013
Six Feet Under Records

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