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When the marketing of a debut EP reads that it "makes you simultaneously want to stab things in the face and stroke kittens at the same time", you're intrigued. Especially when the label behind said release is Basick Records, who have in recent years established themselves as the go-to label of mind-bending, out-of-this-world experimental music. The common denominator being that their bands interpret trends in heavy music as if shoved into an industrial grade washing machine that's launched into outer space for exploration of alien lifeforms. Djent, deathcore, metalcore, and the likes are keywords that are also associated with Dissipate's debut EP "Tectonics", but don't expect to meet the standard bending riffs and deathcore pounding; "Tectonics" is much more than that.

Tectonics is a term that refers to the large-scale processes that affect the structure of the earth's crust. Dissipate couldn't have picked a better name for their EP, as their expression weighs more than a skyscraper and appears to break laws of physics at will. Ready to get your mind blown by ultra technical deathcore that's part progressive, part Psyopus-like insanity, and part djent, coupled with avant-garde segments and ambient sections, even a few clean vocal passages for good measure? It sounds like a cut-and-paste mix of genres and styles, but just like The Algorithm before them, Dissipate are like a chameleon blending in different genres easily while still achieving a strong dynamic with the music.

Most of the vocal work is brutally growled, but for example "Motion" has some semi-clean howls complementing the main vocals well; elsewhere it's the bending sound of the djent-guitars, or the astounding technical prowess taking care of that instead. "Mech Fail" is another track where it sounds like Chino Moreno (Deftones) might just as well be behind the tormented clean vocals that gives the song its awesome melody.

While it's certainly deathcore-ish when you break it down to its basic elements, it's at the same time very progressive, experimental, and willing to push the envelope. Essentially, if deathcore was a country in Europe, then Dissipate would be looking and interpreting it from the outer orbits of our planet. That's how unique and different their sound is to the generic expression you're probably accustomed to. What a debut.


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For the fans of: Ion Dissonance, The Algorithm, Despised Icon, Sikth
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Release date 19.11.2012
Basick Records

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