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The Tipping Point

Written by: PP on 18/04/2013 00:33:29

If Authority Zero have been struggling to shrug off the idea that they're just a Rise Against substitute, "The Tipping Point" does nothing to remedy the situation. It picks off exactly where "Stories Of Survival" left off, and consists of stadium sized punk rock with anthemic choruses and inspirational one-liners (such as "we're still screaming at the world") exactly in the vein of Rise Against before they softened their sound post "The Suffered And The Witness". So if you're a fan of their faster and rougher tracks like "Drones", "Bricks", "Kotov Syndrome", where high tempo and roots in hardcore are valued higher than radio-friendly choruses, then "The Tipping Point" is exactly what you're looking for.

Aside from the Pennywise sounding album opener "No Other Place", you couldn't possibly write a record that sounds as much like older Rise Against as this one. It has the aggressive edge and the slightly unclean vocals as its driving points, yet it's still anthemic and designed for the big stages, with most choruses categorizing under phrases like 'colossally catchy' and 'irresistible for sing alongs'. Throw in a couple of ska/reggae-inspire tracks like "Struggle" and "Today We Heard The News" for variety, and you've got yourself a punk rock record that might not be original, but is arguably better than anything Rise Against has released since 2006. This is an album relying on standard fare punk elements: lots of wooah-oh backing vocals, super-catchy vocal melodies packed in great choruses, energetic tempo, sociopolitical lyrical universe and all that, but that's also what makes it good. It's not interested in innovation or experimentation, just in the art of writing the best punk rock song possible with the catchiest chorus possible.

What's more, Authority Zero have always been known for their consistency, and that's also the case on "The Tipping Point". It's difficult to highlight one song over the other, because they all have a huge chorus that'll have you singing along. So really, all you need to know is this: they have the songwriting prowess of Rise Against, but refuse to write the radio-friendly songs that those guys began to do on "Appeal To Reason" and especially "Endgame".


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For the fans of: Rise Against, Pennywise, Nations Afire, Smoke Or Fire, Good Riddance
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Release date 02.04.2013
Hardline Entertainment

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