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The Wasted Youth EP

Written by: PP on 14/04/2013 22:11:56

I've covered a couple of This Drama releases in the past, but their new EP "The Wasted Youth" is easily the best produce this Canary Island based bunch has put out thus far. It's a hyperactive, unpredictable mash of punk energy and rock'n'roll grooves that's difficult to pigeonhole into a single genre, which is why it has been called everything from 'kamikaze punk' to 'tropical punk', among other exotic terms.

In practice, they play a noisy, and loud form of rock music that's rooted in the aggressive stance of pioneers like At The Drive-In, These Arms Are Snakes, Hot Snakes and others like them. The post-hardcore element is removed from the mix, though, and replaced with punk'n'roll, slightly in the vein of The Bronx but also fellow tropical punks Cactus's. It's groovy and vibrant, with funky riffs and rowdy atmosphere being in the spotlight, though never to an extent that melodies are forgotten from the mix. Especially "Black Cobra Snake" is irresistible, despite being noisy and halfway shouted otherwise.

The same goes for "When We Are Dead", that has a bouncy rock'n'roll riff driving the song forward, and some skate punk style vocals (think Pennywise from mid 90s) laid on top. It's a quirky mix that's rather unusual, hence all the name drops in this review from other bands, because as I said before, This Drama don't exactly sound like anyone else out there. Now, for this EP, they've also managed to get some great songs out of that edge. Check it out if you're into experimentalist music that's still catchy enough to draw your attention.

Download: Black Cobra Snake
For the fans of: Cactus's, The Bronx, These Arms Are Snakes
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Release date 13.02.2013
Deep Elm Records

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