End of Disclosure

Written by: EW on 28/03/2013 23:09:56

Hypocrisy have been around since the early days of the famous Swedish death metal scene, but rarely find themselves touted as one of the genre's kingpins, despite in my opinion possessing a discography at least as large and full of quality as the other more recognisable acts. Now on album twelve, "End of Disclosure" doesn't show Peter Tägtgren & co redefining their art, not that anyone was expecting that, but it does represent another stamp of certifiable prowess which any fan of melodically-inclined death metal should enjoy.

The labelling of Hypocrisy as a melodic DM band has always been a misnomer for they are no way near the sweetened sounds of an In Flames - but the dubious choice of employing the title track as a lead single/video and album opener does not help the cause for labelling them true death metal. The simple structure and placid tempos of its chord-based riffing and the decent dollop of synth backing that signposts the chorus make it a damn catchy introduction and render the song much closer to bands like Catamenia than one might otherwise expect. The irresistible desire to nod along guarantees this as a live hit on the upcoming Hypocrisy tour. The following eight tracks however take a different turn, noted immediately with "Tales of Thy Spineless" which blasts into life with the drumrolls of Horgh signalling a change in riffing style that harks back to early Morbid Angel albeit with the scything chunky production we have come to recognise with records produced by Tägtgren himself. Morphing into thrash territory before a mini-break in the song recalls the earlier DM riffing, it packs a fine punch. "The Eye" slowly opens with the reverb of Tägtgren's guitar giving an epic cadence amid a rhythm tempo surely culled from early Metallica recordings while the chorus and it's accompanying lead riffs display everything one needs to know about Hypocrisy's desire to write big, booming singalong choruses. Such is the positive intonation at work here all you need add are some stereotypical whiny teenage vocals and Hypocrisy've got themselves a chorus fit to sell out much bigger venues.

"United We Fall" resembles an Amon Amarth blaster as it rampages through a broadside of snare attacks and deathly riffing to leave little in it's wake; "44 Double Zero", focussing on the oft-returned subject of alien lifeforms, meets Tägtgren sounding more like At the Gates' Tompa than his standard gargled growl in a song which feels as if has been built entirely round the chorus, leaving the remainder a mere exercise in calculated rhythmic riffery. "Hell Is Where I Stay" sounds like another Swedish DM band - this time Bloodbath especially through the chugging verses giving a decent old-school flavour to the song. "When Death Calls", buried at track eight is possibly the best song on the record - it opens at a blast before the conjoining rhythms of Tägtgren, Horgh and bassist Mikael Hedlund compile for a steamrolling chorus. Qualities all of these have been on display throughout the lengthy history of Hypocrisy and while they have never changed dramatically the consistency of style has allowed them to remain as relevant as any old Swedish DM act these days with the possible exception of Amon Amarth. For these reasons "End of Disclosure" has surprised me with its durability, leaving little doubt in its ability to please fans both on record and on the live circuit.


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Release date: 22.03.2013
Nuclear Blast Records

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