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Horror at Pleasure

Written by: BV on 27/03/2013 20:24:41

Early Mammal is an experimental project that blends the best of stoner, psychedelic and hard rock into a unique mash-up of trippy, somewhat gloomy soundscapes. Much like many other great psychedelic bands (such as Brujas Del Sol) they hail out of Devouter Records, a label that is quickly becoming noticed for their high output of psychedelia infused music – and thank you very much for that. “Horror at Pleasure” is the debut effort from Early Mammal, and they’re off to a fairly good start.

The project itself consists of a guitar player, a drummer and a synth/organ player. The lack of a bass-player almost instantly reminds me of the Doors, and the gloomy soundscapes quickly add to this. The track “Demon or Saint” is a delightful blend of meticulously spacy jamming and tight doom-influenced riffing – add to that the eerie and haunting vocals and you got yourself a seriously scary trip going on. The best way to explain the general sounds going on here would be to say that most of the album's songs contain a healthy dose of early Black Sabbath riffing, haunting The Doors-like organ/synth sounds and a set of vocals that I really can’t relate to anything, but I can say that they are eerie though.

In general, I would say that most of the tracks on “Horror at Pleasure” are really good doom-psych songs. However, the lack of a bass-player soon gets me twitchy – for doom sounds I really can’t go long without a bass-player and I hardly think I’m the only one thinking that. The guitarparts do what they can with the fuzzed out, presumably down-tuned riffing – as can be heard on the track “Money Shot” – but in the end, they would greatly benefit from the nice, tight low end punch of a really good bass-player.

I am quickly becoming quite intrigued by the soundscapes created by Early Mammal, and despite the lack of low-end punch I so yearn for on releases like this, I really like it. What I would like to hear though, would perhaps be more of the ‘lengthier’ tracks like “Resurrection Men” where the music really has time to unfold all its psychedelic madness, rather than the three minute tracks where it sometimes feels like something had to be cut short, or just didn’t get fully developed. Anyway, this album is yet another one of those albums that are good, yet easily improvable – which in the end is a good thing I suppose. I might have to dig this album out from the shelf sometime in the future when I need a nice, eerie musical trip.


Download: Resurrection Men, Demon or Saint, Coming Back
For The Fans Of: Brujas Del Sol, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats
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Release Date 01.04.2013
Devouter Records

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