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The Great Wave-Off

Written by: AZ on 25/03/2013 23:54:11

There are various ways a band can catch your attention. Some rely on catchy tunes and standard verse-chorus compositions, while others try out more unconventional sound- and song structures. This review visits the latter where music manages to occupy as much of the spectrum as possible.

Hardcore seems to be the genre that gives space for new highly dissonant musical experiments in heavy music. As a part of this constant evolution, Them Frequencies try to prove that they have what it takes to ride the waves of these new musical streams. They are a young, vicious and ambitious group from Sofia, Bulgaria which was formed in the not so distant October 2010. Since then the guys have wasted no time and have put out a self-titled two-song EP which seems to be the logical predecessor to the current task at hand – their first full-length release entitled “The Great Wave-Off”.

The opener of the album “The message of the flower is the flower” focuses on showing the listener what Them Frequencies are all about – a hard smack in the face of all established norms. The song creates a highly distorted musical experience that goes through multiple shifts. They include (the typical for the album) vocalist Stoimen's brain-scratching screams as well as clean singing passages, and guitars that run laps around the fretboard; culminating in slow and monstrous piercing riffs courtesy of guitarist Dido. Eddie (bass) and Martin (drums) make sure that no beat is left hanging and all the right accents are in place. All this energy finishes off with a snare drum that backs up the gang vocals yelling “Soon we are leaving!”.

The gems hidden in each song in the album are to be found only by those that are willing to dig through the ashes. Creative melodies, pumped grooves and beatdown rhythms are just a few amongst many. This makes bypassing “The Great Wave-Off” a mistake for every music fan with a taste for exploration. Them Frequencies have prepared the full package for you – embrace the audio chaos!


Download: We made you breath, Rot, Built to create
For The Fans Of: Chaotic Hardcore, Math rock
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Release Date 08.02.2013

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