A Ticket To The Moon

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There aren't many good female fronted rock bands and no-one ever seems quite sure why. Do women just not have what it takes to 'rock out with their cock out?' Either way, Spanish rockers Everlyn don't have much competition, they could win first prize, second prize and booby prize all in the same category, just through the sheer lack of other entries.

The obvious comparison, for Everlyn, which they are probably already sick of hearing would be Paramore. A female fronted rock band with heavy instrumentals and raw vocals which are a bit poppy at times? They all sound the same, don't they? Actually, no. Everlyn definitely have something different. Whilst likening most female rock singers to Hayley Williams seems to be the opinion de rigour, it's not necessarily an accurate assertion. The comparison seems to take place largely due to the lack of other options. It either has to be Hayley Williams or Courtney Love, unless you're talking about goth; in which case there is Christina Scabbia or Amy Lee, or metal; in which case there is Angela Gossow. (Or if you really hate them, in a category of her own; Avril.)

Hailed by Spain's 'Rockzone' magazine as 'one of the most anticipated releases of 2013,' "A Ticket To the Moon" is surrounded by a lot of hype. Everlyn have already launched on a promising career, after forming in 2005, the Madrid quartet seem to be on a rocket fuelled one way trip to success. The band have shared the stage with other artists, such as Blink 182 and All American Rejects, in their native land. One recent highlight of their career; having opened for the critically acclaimed Sum 41 in Bilbao.

"A Ticket to the Moon" is certainly a promising release, there is a lot to say about it beyond simply taking the opportunity to mention every female fronted rock band in existence. The intro to "What Goes Around" oozes promise with its memorable, spontaneous sounding riffs. It is one of the heavier and stronger tracks musically on the album. "Dreams Are For Those Who Sleep" is a rather catchy number too, with a few Halestorm style riffs and vocals thrown in. "Tested Lives" oozes that anthem like quality which is slightly reminiscent of 90s female fronted bands like Scarling. Another highly catchy track comes in the form of "Analogies." The album chills out in time for the reflective "Vortex," at this point sounding a little reminiscent of Within Temptation having a mellow moment. "Anything But Easy" starts out with catchy riffs and the mellowness in Karol Arribas' vocals quickly morphs back into her spontaneous raw style, as exhibited earlier in the album. Once we reach "It's not you, it's me," the angsty vocals could be likened to The Pretty Reckless' Taylor Momsen, but better. "3 Years Ago" is a very poppy track by rock standards, but incredibly catchy nonetheless. The only criticism of the album's tracklist would be that the closing number; "The Last Letter" is a bit too mellow in comparison with the rest. It just doesn't sit terribly well with the rest. Perhaps the last letter shouldn't have been sent?

Whilst "A Ticket To The Moon" is a bit of a poppy release, it's oddly addictive, even for rock fans. So, where will Everlyn go? Are they in possession of a one way ticket to the Moon? The show a lot of promise for a stellar career. Despite having mainstream success in the form of being selected as the image and sound for a Coca-Cola campaign, it appears somewhat unlikely that Karol Arribas will be 'selling out' and duetting with famous rappers any time soon. That refers to you, Hayley Williams. As long as they aim for the moon, the booby prize can only be to fall amongst the stars.


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Release Date 26.02.2013
Self - Released

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