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2 Ready 2 Live

Written by: TAJ on 23/03/2013 22:04:47

I must say that the more I found out about this record I’ve come to find it quite interesting for numerous reasons. First of all this trio, named Ocean Mind, originates from Greece which isn’t a country that usually pops to mind when thinking of hard rock/stoner music. Furthermore Ocean Mind travelled all the way to Hollywood having none less than Lee Popa produce their debut album “2 Ready 2 Live”. Noticeably a man known for working together with acts such as Tool, Korn and Ministry. This surely has ensured no instruments blurs together or any other technical disturbances draws attention from the music.

Already from first track on “2 ready 2 live” there is no doubt the idea behind this album is making a raw hard hitting rock record with true 70’s spirit. How to get there is no single-minded matter though as Ocean Mind clearly have drawn inspiration from rather different musical corners. The title track kicks off with a moderate tempo, a repeating base riff backed by organ and lazy vocals belted out to a great rock’n’roll effect. If you think Monster Magnet it’s down that alley, while songs like “Find Yourself”, despite being a tad heavier, is more reminiscent of The Doors. In general the expansive use of the organ throughout the record reveals Ocean Mind supposedly have been listening to a lot of The Doors.

While mostly aiming for the retro vibe Ocean Mind has not limited themselves to sounding like a shot out of the seventies. Besides the prior mentioned high production value many elements from stoner rock has been infused and they help bring forth a more modern soundscape worthy of today. For example the iconic usage of cow bell from stoner is present and some of the more swift paced passages in songs even lean towards sounding a bit like Queens of the Stone Age.

All in all “2 Ready 2 Live” is a solid record that does a great job combining this old rock spirit with newer inputs and I doubt anyone considering oneself a rock fan could deny the catchiness of this straightforward rock record. Bringing in this big arsenal of influences does however seem to have limited the room for setting a personal touch and sometimes can’t help but feel it lacks a bit of character.


Download: Howl, Wanderlust, 2 Ready 2 Live.
For the fans of: Monster Magnet, The Doors, The Cult, Queens of the Stone Age
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Release date 10.12.2012
The Leaders Records

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