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Modern Atlas EP

Written by: PP on 22/03/2013 01:01:31

I'll just say it straight away: "Modern Atlas" EP opens with one of the most awesome songs I've heard in the last 1-2 years. "Diehard 2" is not just spliced with melody through and through; it also features raw, throaty vocals that balance at the perfect midpoint between a screaming and singing, and a secondary vocalist providing contrast at just the right moment, with the song finishing off in a huge, melodic gang shout in the end. It's back-chillingly good, recalling mid 90s style Lifetime except in a slightly harsher and less-polished manner. Think their record "Background", except better songwriting. Yeah. Pretty cool, huh?

The rest of the EP isn't quite as immediately striking, but Let It Go establish themselves as a melodic hardcore force to say the least. "$5.50" is aggressive, but drenched in melody and fast tempo, again utilizing gang shouts to its best ability. "Age", one of the other highlights on the EP, is more rowdy and uncontrollable in its energy, but it continues a theme that has occupied the EP until the song finishes it off: Let It Go have found a near-perfect balance between sounding catchy and sounding like a drunken punk rocker looking for a whiskey-breath fueled fight. The vocalist's unpolished style gives the record an edge over its melodically ringing guitars, and together this dynamic results into infectiously catchy songs time after time. Fans of Lifetime, Shook Ones, Dolarhyde, etc should be able to appreciate this melodic hardcore based sound, even if it's a tad bit heavier than what they're used to hearing. If anything, "Modern Atlas" suggests that Let It Go have great things in store for us in the future.


Download: Diehard 2, Age, $5.50
For the fans of: Lifetime, Shook Ones, Crucial Dudes, Dolarhyde
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 26.02.2013
Say-10 Records

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