The Beauty Between

Written by: PP on 22/03/2013 00:10:17

Hype is starting to build up around this Olympia, WA bunch. Not just because RVIVR houses ex-members of legendary shout-out-loud punk rockers Latterman, but because you simply haven't heard a band play with this much sheer joy since Japandroids unleashed their magnificent "Celebration Rock" on us last summer. Everything about their sound on sophomore album "The Beauty Between" glows of happy feelings, this despite the band finding themselves within the noisier end of garage rock/punk, where their sheer energy and vivid approach to songwriting captivates the listener from the get go.

There's a dual vocal dynamic between Matt Canino (Latterman) and a female vocalist Erica Freas, though it's Erica who really strikes through ont his album with her strong and instantly likeable delivery. This is rather surprising considering how beloved Canino's charismatic style is to start out with, but when he is juxtaposed against her higher pitch, yet still voluminous approach, he sounds almost like the weaker party present here. It's an interesting male/female contrast, but it's not like the weak/strong one you'll find on for example Mixtapes records, but one that's different shades of bright and noisy. That's because the band balance on a tightrope between radio-friendly garage and something much more noisy, although always remembering to stay within a bright soundscape to uphold a charming, vibrant sound that's hard to resist.

When you combine that with catchy songwriting like that found on "Wrong Way/One Way", "LMD", or "Spider Song" to name but a few tracks, it's an irresistible formula that builds on the success of Japandroids on a more punk oriented level. One of the surprises of 2013 for sure, a unique and different sound that will go far before the end of the year.


Download: Wrong Way/One Way, LMD, Spider Song
For the fans of: Japandroids, Titus Andronicus, Dead To Me, Latterman
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Release date 25.02.2013
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