Hyperblast Super Collider

Written by: BV on 20/03/2013 10:36:53

When I initially contemplated on whether I should be the one reviewing the new Pryapisme album or not, I was struck by the notion that, despite the fact that I am into some really fucking weird music, there might be an album out there that is simply too damn strange for me to handle. Pryapisme’s new album “Hyperblast Super Collider” is in many ways that album. However, the bands description of it as being “The soundtrack to the 8-bit catpocalypse” was far too intriguing for me to leave the album alone.

What struck me first and foremost was the predominantly long, and to me incomprehensible song titles, as I really don’t speak French. One of the stranger tracks of the album, which coincidentally also has the longest title: “La Notion De Chiralité De Spin Et D’oscillation De Saveur Des Particules Supersymetriques Definissant Un Champs Scalaire Lors D’une Transition De Conifold En Cosmologie Branaire Dans Un Modele Ekpyrotique”. This track in particular, is as incomprehensible in its form as the title is. The odd combination of upbeat disco-like rhythms, combined with saxophones blowing away and guitars playing music that predominantly sounds Arabic is confusing me beyond what I thought was humanly possible. The track soon takes on a metal-edge, making it contain so many genres that I find it hard to list them all. What I am fairly certain of though, is that this is definitely avant-garde – that’s as clear as the sky on a bright summer day, but other than that I have no clue as on how to go about this track.

A track that I have taken a strange liking to on the album is “Lesbian Bordello”. The melody and the general structure of this track is reminiscent of my early days as a 10-12 year old where the almighty Gameboy ruled my sparetime. The 8-bit feel to this track is slowly guiding me towards understanding the description of the album, yet somehow, I feel like there’s more in store.

When I finally reach the track “La nuit sur le mont-chauvelu” – the last track of the album, I feel like I have been listening to this album for what seems like an eternity due to the simple fact that I am having serious doubts about my minds ability to cope with all these strange rhythms, heavy riffs, meow’s, 8-bit sounds and the like. Despite the introduction of meow’s on track 4 and 10, I am feeling a little disappointed in regards to the description. – Yes, there is a definite 8-bit feel to the album, and yes there are catsounds. But if this is what an 8-bit catpocalypse would sound like, then I’m likely not going to be a survivor, nor do I want to be – this is screwing far too much with my mind.

At best, I’ll call the album hard to get into and despite the quite effective, delightfully heavy riffing I am having a really hard time with this album. Granted, this review was written after 4 complete spins of the album and it might take far more than that to understand it – but I don’t feel like screwing my mind up more than it already has been. I hardly think I’ll pick up this album again someday, but that’s just me. There might be people out there with a greater ability of understanding this album – and if that’s the case, then I salute you.


Download: Lesbian Bordello, J’ai Envie De Te Claquer
For The Fans Of: Farmer’s Market, Horse The Band

Release Date 01.04.2013
Apathia Records

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