18 Miles

Darker Times

Written by: AZ on 16/03/2013 14:48:15

Young and enthusiastic, with a single goal – bring energetic hardcore to the masses. This is what Netherlands' native quintet 18 Miles is all about. Releasing a full length album packed with short and concise “in your face” hardcore is the perfect way to claim what's rightfully theirs on the hardcore scene. Taking the baton from pioneers in the genre Hatebreed as well as current stars like The Ghost Inside, the band delivers a record that will open up moshpits, give flight for stage divers and break noses for months to come.

“Darker Times” is a release that follows a fast and steady pace which at times escalates into vicious breakdowns. The songs could equally well go under the name “bursts” because of their short length. The duration, however, is no sign for lack of quality. On the contrary – 18 Miles simply don't wait for the listener to get accustomed to the vicious surroundings that they provide. Instead, drummer Mattijs Burger unleashes the double-bass and the heavy palmed guitar rhythms with a quick drum roll around his kit. Vocalists Daan Nieboar adds the finishing touches with his sore throat barks that preach about hardcore's well known virtues – unity, family and respect.

Hardcore with balls. Taking no prisoners, 18 Miles don't rely on lengthy introductions and hollow lyrics. Straight to the point, with no breath to spare their debut “Darker Times” kicks the “hardcore meter” to the ceiling. Check it out!


Download: Pirates, Broken Homes, Pushing Forward
For The Fans Of: Stick to Your Guns, Thick As Blood, The Ghost Inside
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Release Date 16.02.2013
Perspective Records

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