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Written by: AZ on 16/03/2013 16:22:05

”Killing is my business… and business is good!” is the title of Megadeth's first studio record. It is also a theme of my job in Rockfreaks. The pure pleasure of being able to get to listen to a ton of new music – ranging from rockabilly to atmospheric doom – every month is one of a kind. Produced to a great extent by underground bands, the releases offer both truly powerful and unexpectedly great tunes, as well as poor or mediocre attempts that never make it to second base.

As a rather new member to the metal scene, System Annihilated attempt to fall in the former group. On the lines of innovation I can say, offensive as it may seem, that “Furor” can easily be the creation of many other bands digging in this niche. The record follows the regular for the genre template of low jugging guitars that with the help of a fast drum section reign chaos on the frequency spectrum. To finish things off the vocalist pours his throat out in an attempt to convey the song's lyrics.

To get a sense of the positive sides of this release, you may want to check out the link bellow. I consider the title track of the album to be its best as it brings the true energy that links the band members into a single entity. It carries that “runaway train” feeling that a long lasting chain of double bass kicks provides. It also has a “djenty” bounce which can easily make a crowd of people turn into a sea of wild fans.

Clearly Umeå, Sweden raised a gang of five hard working and young musicians with love for the fast and heavy, metal sounds. This gives a great basis for improvement, which in my eyes can go beyond what “Furor” is.


Download: Furor, Let The Rain Tear It Down, What We Created
For The Fans Of: Whitechapel, Pray For Locust, Meshuggah, Architects
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Release Date 18.03.2013
Discouraged Records

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