The Gift Of Life

Written by: AZ on 14/03/2013 01:06:13

As previously discussed in reviews across Rockfreaks.net metal is a living, breathing genre. It is constantly undergoing changes – devouring other musical competition and morphing it to something new. Many of the current trends expand on the everlasting growls, high pitched screams and breakdowns with a lot of melody. A closer look to this combination will lead long time fans of In Flames and Soilwork to their well known modern melodic metal. As a great example to what bands are up to and how they are stirring up the established rules nowadays, I give you Dreamshade.

The quintet from Lugano, Switzerland is not a newcomer to the scene. Despite this their latest effort “The Gift Of Life” seems to be fueled with a different mix than before. Recruiting vocalist Kevin Cali is a pointer to where the band witnessed things starting to take a turn for the better. His impressive abilities on the mic leave a question mark on the face of all the people that have dismissed Dreamshade's effort by waving their hand. Ranging from crystal clear solid vocals to hell-raising low grunts, Kevin guides the otherwise melodic direction that the group has taken towards their roots.

Comparing “The Gift Of Life” to the band's previous releases, one can sense a certain doze of maturity that is easily felt even at a first glance of the record. Yes, the songs are more radio-friendly. Yes, “catchyness” seems to be a major factor in most of the compositions. The fact that Dreamshade have taken their foot off the pedal with label “raw”, however, does not affect the quality of the compositions themselves. On the contrary – the revisited crafty guitar work and airy synth passages still have their edge – it's just the angle at which it is pointed that is different.

If you're looking for an album that will present you with a polished sound and cool sing-along melodies – look no further! “The Gift Of Life” is a great example of a package that encompasses flashy guitar tunes, tone of melody provided by strings, keys and vocals alike.


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For The Fans Of: Scar Symmetry, Sonic Syndicate, The Stranded
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Release Date 28.01.2013
Spinefarm Records

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