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Geek Love Is The Best Love EP

Written by: PP on 13/03/2013 23:23:52

Danish singer-songwriter Jacob Faurholt has quite a few releases underneath his belt already, yet he keeps on improving as a musician and as an artist. "Geek Love Is The Best Love" EP is his latest EP, and it contains some of the best and most memorable melodies his vulnerable vocal style has delivered over the years. Where he has previously struggled with especially the latter part, this EP showcases that despite his rather awkward singing, he can deliver charming songs that also stick to mind, instead of just standing out as odd singer-songwriter type stuff as in the past.

Aside from the title track's creepy distortion and lo-fi vibe, the rest of the material consists of somber singer-songwriter from the more relaxed realm of the style. A simplistic acoustic guitar and a classical piano are pretty much the only elements supporting Faurholt's vocals, aside from some subtle effects providing ambiance on occasion, so he's going for a minimalistic approach overall. And it's working. Both "Guided By Voices" and "Spider Alert" are extraordinarily simple songs, yet it speaks volumes about Faurholt's songwriting prowess when he can turn seemingly over-minimalistic songs into interesting, introverted pieces of singer-songwriter with surprisingly catchy choruses. The six tracks on the EP come highly recommended to any fans of singer-songwriter.

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Release date 26.11.2012
Raw Onion Records

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