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Road To Atlas EP

Written by: BV on 10/03/2013 16:43:50

Dean Allen Foyd is yet another retro-styled rock band to emerge from Sweden in recent years, much like Graveyard, Troubled Horse and Free Fall just to name a few. This retro-rock revolution is a true joy for a guy like me to observe and indeed to listen to. With their debut album “The Sounds Can Be So Cruel” Dean Allen Foyd marked themselves as noticeably influenced by the likes of Captain Beefheart and most clearly the Syd Barrett-led Pink Floyd in terms of style and instrumentation, yet they retained their own style lyrically that didn’t really draw upon many of their inspirations, nor their contemporaries.

With their newest EP “Road to Atlas” DAF once again embarks on a musical journey throughout the soundscapes that men like Syd Barrett pioneered many moons ago, only to end up in the same destination with no innovative discoveries along their way. But who really cares about that, when the craftsmanship of Dean Allen Foyd is as skilled as it was on “The Sounds Can Be So Cruel”? - I usually don’t, but there are certain aspects of “Road to Atlas” that are far from the sound of DAF when they are at their best.

The track “Insects” off this EP is instrumentally and sonically speaking taken straight from the slightly progressive but most of all experimental sixties and the music bears the marks quite clearly. The droning rhythm-patterns by the bass was my first hint, but as the slightly overdriven guitar solos and the creeping organ sounds start to appear, the track instantly takes on a psychedelic vibe that is very much reminiscent of something that could very well have been played in the UFO Club in the swingin’ London of the sixties. But we hardly live in the 60’s anymore and as such I really do wish there would have been slightly more dynamic changes in the music, of a slightly different character than the nearly avant-garde middle section of the track, which soon became quite tedious to listen to.

Luckily for me though, the variation that I seek was left out of “Insects” only to emerge on the remaining tracks on the EP such as the title track “Road to Atlas”. “Road to Atlas” is predominantly driven by the vocals to begin with, which is quite refreshing in the psychedelic genre where instrumental passages are pivotal and the vocals are expendable. The slightly breathy vocals on the track add a slightly trance inducing, somewhat dreamy nature to the track which is beautifully supported by the ludicrously sparse instrumentation. – In other words “Road to Atlas” is a low-key chill out track that is actually quite easy to get into, unlike a track like “Insects” that, as I mentioned, possesses a far more avant-garde inspired sound that is not as easily accessible.

I like Dean Allen Foyd, and I like “Road to Atlas”. Unfortunately though, I must say that “Road to Atlas” is far from the genuinely brilliant “The Sounds Can Be So Cruel” and I yearn for more tracks like the ones included on that album. “Road to Atlas” is not a bad release, but it isn’t brilliant either.

Download: Road to Atlas, Leave Me Be
For The Fans Of: Captain Beefheart, Syd Barrett, Ultimate Spinach

Release date 01.03.2013
Crusher Records

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