Bien Á Toi

Diriger, Séduire, Convaincre EP

Written by: PP on 10/03/2013 13:32:05

Bien Á Toi are an original screamo band from Paris, France, although you could probably figure out immediately that they are European from their desperation-laden soundscape on debut EP "Diriger, Séduire, Convaincre". This sort of tormented and retrospective emotional torture doesn't really exist outside of EU borders, and when it does, it tends to sound more like Touché Amoré than like Saetia and Kaospilot, which is the case here.

But there are a few key differences between Bien Á Toi and the rest of the screamo scene. For starters, their sound isn't driven by the chaotic roll-on-the-floor-in-agony screams like most other bands in the genre. Instead, they rely mostly on lengthy instrumental sections that own a progressive vibe to them, and slow, carefully constructed sequences or buildups, which seem to lend themselves perfectly for an explosion of screaming that never arrives. You see, other than a few brief moments on "Pour Les Autres", Bien Á Toi are completely instrumental, concentrating on building intricate soundscapes and setting a mood, than tearing things apart as violently as possible.

On one hand, this is an interesting approach, and certainly very different to what we're used to hearing from these sort of bands. But at the same time, the lack of vocals removes some of the passion and energy that you usually associate with original screamo-style soundscapes. There are plenty of moments where Bien Á Toi's expression would've benefitted from the addition of some uncontrollable screamo. That's also why the only track where it does occur - "Pour Les Autres" - is the best one on the record by a long shot, even if the vocals are faded to the background (they are too much in the background for "Noyade Noyade" to be included here). The band needs to consider this balance for their next material to improve.

Download: Pour Les Autres
For the fans of: Kaospilot, Saetia, Republic Of Dreams, Sed Non Satiata, Traktor
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Release date 05.10.2012

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