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No Compromise

Written by: TL on 16/03/2007 01:04:33

Is there anything as soothing and satisfying as putting on a disk full of angry, powerful, quality hardcore? Hardly! That's why all you fans of the genre should run to your record stores and get Since The Flood's "No Compromise" straight away, seeing as it is a record filled to the point of bursting with everything you ever loved about fast paced hardcore/punk.

From the second the band kicks into the opening words of "Gone Tomorrow" everyone listening should know what they're exposing themselves to. Since The Flood is a band that obviously swear to all the old school virtues. Choppy guitar riffs, intimidating bass lines, fast paced punk rock drumming, crushing breakdowns, harsh vocals and lyrics, it's all there baby, and for three minutes and thirty one seconds it'll make out the opening track. From then on you won't hear a song longer than 3:15, and for the majority of the album it'll only last till just around the two-minute mark. Not that anyone would care when every second is as rock 'n roll as this. It's the kind of album that's just one big homogeneous force that punches you in the face numerous times and all you're doing is laughing and asking for more.

Every track on this record is as good as the last one as the band simply doesn't step in the wrong place at any point. I'd like to highlight the song "Laid To Rest" that has a period near the end that's vastly more melodic than anything else on the album - it is kick ass - but overall the album is a very complete and smooth ride into the land hardcore, and if you have any talent for recognizing good music, you'll enjoy every second of it. This is craftsmanship at its very finest. Nothing fancy, no nonsense, no pretense, just all killer and no filler. Now stop reading this review and go listen to this. If you know what's good for you.


Download: Laid To Rest.. Actually just buy it and listen to the whole thing. You wont regret it.
For the fans of: Terror, Shai Hulud, Sick Of It All, Comeback Kid
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Release Date 01.01.2007
Metalblade Records
Provided by Target ApS

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