Every Last Piece EP

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Aspiga are a punk band out of New Jersey, whose sound is best described as low-key and extremely laid back, thanks to vocals that feel almost like an afterthought in the mix. That is, until they explode out of the quiet, smoke-laden singing into Star Fucking Hipsters style screams of "I've discovered....I HATE MYSELF, I HATE MYSELF" screams on EP highlight " Welcome To The Sympathy Party".

The seven tracks of "Every Last Piece" are all remarkably similar, relying on slow to mid tempo punk rock with focus on subtlety and structure rather than speed and power choruses. They are catchy, but arguably not obviously so at first, requiring the listener to appreciate the purposefully quiet vocals that are used to highlight the prominent bass and the melodic, raw guitars on the background. Yet the whole expression is drenched in passion left and right, even if the band doesn't have to scream their lungs out or play like the Midwestern bands to show it off. Think of a mixture of Jawbreaker, Star Fucking Hipsters, and Morning Glory and you're just about there. Except Aspiga are way more chilled out in comparison, mostly thanks to the vocal style which has to be among the most restrained you'll have head on a punk album.

Other than that, Aspiga share a great deal in common with most Fat Wreck bands, at least instrumentally. This sort of material, albeit in a faster form, used to come out all the time through the label during the 90s and early 2000s. It's pretty good overall, check it out if you like non-flashy punk rock.

Download: Welcome To The Sympathy Party, Winter Cleaning, On The Defensive
For the fans of: Star Fucking Hipsters, Jawbreaker, Morning Glory, Astpai, None More Black
Listen: Aspiga

Release date 20.11.2012
Paper + Plastick

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