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Are We A Danger To Ourselves?

Written by: PP on 04/03/2013 00:40:21

Above Them are a punk rock band from Yorkshire, UK, who mix together indie-flavored alternative rock and mid tempo punk rock on their sophomore album "Are We A Danger To Ourselves?". If you think that definition sounds familiar, it's because Above Them take their cues from familiar sources: Hot Water Music, Samiam, and those sort of bands, meaning that their record has a distinct 90s style nostalgia vibe going on.

It also means their songs are more about subtle melodies that are best characterized as growers, rather than immediately catchy ones that come in one ear and go out the next. Simply put, they require some attention before they open up. But those are also the best kinds of songs if you have the patience to wait for them to uncover themselves, as album highlight "Self Destructive" will demonstrate to you. It's melodies build slowly, and are more about depth and subdued intelligence than anything else. Their vocalist sings with a hoarse, halfway gravelly style, but with just enough polish to make his voice a charismatic one that's capable of carrying the album at times. The mid tempo punk expression suits this song especially well, because it allows the melodies to expand and to resonate across the soundscape in a way that just would not be possible with a faster and a more uptempo sound.

Throughout the album, it's clear to hear who Above Them's influences are. There's a hint of Hot Water Music there, a bit of Samiam here, coupled with more modern flavors like Make Do And Mend, The Stereo State, and other similar bands who mix indie rock nostalgia into their mid tempo punk expressions. Luckily, they avoid sounding like a clone band, and it's simply a case of a sum of inspirations that have translated into a sound that pays its dues to the genre legends.

Download: Self Destructive, A New Year, Temper Like A Hand Grenade
For the fans of: Samiam, Hot Water Music, The Stereo State, Make Do And Mend
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Release date 27.02.2012
Bomber Music

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