This Is Your Life

Before We Fade Away

Written by: PP on 04/03/2013 00:07:45

If you're looking for arguably the best debut album of 2012 that you might have missed out on, you're reading the right review. It's criminal that as of this writing, This Is Your Life's Facebook page has less than a thousand likes, given how strong dynamics and how much depth is present in their songwriting on "Before We Fade Away". It's a textbook definition type of album within its style, a melodic hardcore masterpiece that borrows equally much from Comeback Kid's anthemic guitars as it does from the explosive vocal work from Strike Anywhere, and the technical orientation of bands like A Wilhelm Scream.

In fact, most of the record balances on a tightrope between straight up melodic hardcore/punk and more classic, technical punk rock melodies, often swaying from one side of the fence to the other even within the same song. It's a record that rips with its advanced lead guitars, yet at the same time devotes itself to high-flying melodies backed by intense energy and halfway clean screams/yells. They aren't afraid to launch into emotional beatdowns like those found on "Anchor", a ridiculously catchy, passionate piece of melodic hardcore with great, technical riffage and fist pump friendly pace, but at the same time they're also good for the more melodic stuff like "High Tide", which has a seriously irresistible chorus melody that alone should be enough to open some significant opportunities for them in the future. In fact, you'll find yourself pondering whether This Is Your Life might just be the missing link between Strike Anywhere and Comeback Kid, because while they're not as harsh and aggressive as Comeback Kid can be sometimes, they're considerably heavier and more hardcore driven than the former band.

So if you're looking for a record that carries the power and force of a hardcore band, but delivered on a platform consisting of catchy melodies, technical riffs, and great chorus melodies to shout back at the vocalist at live shows, This Is Your Life have all that and then some. "Before We Fade Away" is nothing short of a masterpiece within melodic hardcore. It's an album where the band members connect almost telepathically for a tight, memorable expression with varied songs, immersive soundscapes, and melodies that stick with you long after you've stopped listening to the record.

Download: Anchor, Blackout Curtains, Before We Fade Away..., High Tide
For the fans of: Comeback Kid, Strike Anywhere, Bane, Have Heart, A Wilhelm Scream
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Release date 04.09.2012
Reveille Records

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