The Constant

Written by: AZ on 03/03/2013 19:52:29

Usually, an appropriate introduction would be my way of easing's readers into the topic of the review at hand. No such thing will be done here today. Just press play and let my words complete the true artifact that lays before you.

Aoria are a trio originating from Stockholm, Sweden, consisting of members from bands like Katatonia, A Swarm of the Sun and October Tide – all of whom have already been a subject of discussion on these pages. Emerging just like that, out of thin air, “The Constant” surprises with its vast, multilayered sound. Truly beautiful and energetic, this album is a work of art. At times adherent to the dark and cold gamma of the palette, whilst at other times very open and explicit, Aoria's debut is an honest and thrilling journey through the depths of the human perception.

Depth is really a keyword when it comes to describing “The Constant” with less than a sentence. I must compliment the band on their impressive song structures that dictate their own, self-established composition rather than following a pre-designed pattern. “The Black Heart” is a great example of how the trio can lure the listener into their honey-sweet trap, stupefy them with a high dissonance soundscape, leaving them to a single tone that seems as heavy as the universe itself. “An Overwhelming Calm” is undoubtedly my favorite peace from the album with its many transformations and endlessly slow but steady build up. The true beauty and grace that I praise this song for is its genius, lengthy intro composed of a two tone voice and a two chord piano. So simple and yet so full of emotions.

Just imagining Aoria play live in a small club (take RF's beloved BETA as an example) sends shivers down my spine. A performance of songs with so much energy embedded into them would be a real treat for every fan of rock music. Unfortunately, no such event seems likely right now. Until then – enjoy “The Constant”.

Download: A Slow Moving Storm, The Bleeder, An Overwhelming Calm
For The Fans Of: Melancholic Rock, Perfect Circle, Tool
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Release Date 10.10.2012
Version Studio Records

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