Honor Found in Decay

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Enter the monster. Neurosis are back with one of their most satisfying albums to date. "Honor Found In Decay" is a journey, an adventure in which the listener is riveted into a macrocosm whereby the music takes the shape of movements rather than songs. Neurosis´ progressive metal takes on a sludge/doom metal nature, where the songs are allowed to marinate on the listener, the tempo is slow, haunting and magnificently heavy. Like a literary piece, each movement takes on a dramatic structure, as the listener is drawn into a rollercoaster ride of somatic experiences, an exposition that introduces theme and mood through their eerie intros. Rising action comes in the form of their heavy Drop-D tuned guitars, anchored by both vocalists/guitarists Scott Kelly and Steve von Till. The guitars interveave with each other, creating and escalating tension in form of drone-playing and heavy riffs. The climax drags the listener by the navel, ultimately surrendering to a soundscape which is so empowering and beautifully ugly, you feel like you're standing at the epicentre of an earthquake.

Based in Oakland, California, Neurosis are a seasoned metal band that have experimented with a plethora of sounds and influences. Starting of as a hardcore punk band in the mid 80's, their sound has developed into something that could well be described as a symposium of influences spanning their entire career, but they maintain a certain degree of originality. They remind you of Isis and Mastodon at times, but they sprinkle folk sounds into the movements in the form of violins and synth sounds. Black Sabbath is also an obvious contributor to their sound, as well as Pantera.

Opening the album, "We All Rage In Gold" tricks the listener into thinking that Neurosis have gone soft, the first 3.5 minutes are just straight forward riffage and vicious howling, but their magical interlude brings the listener into the darkness, and the heavy down-tuned guitar chords is beautifully paired with the wolf-howling sound of the other guitar. "At The Well" introduces the clean baritone vocals reminiscent of Godsmack's Sully Erna. The song is painfully tense and the first emotional trigger heaves the listener to the darker sides of the human psyche.

"My Heart For Deliverance" delivers their signature doom-metal sound but with a slightly more invigorating sound. The lengthy clean interlude brings the listener back to the 60's psychedelia, where smiles were abundant in a drug induced frenzy. The song reminds partially of a mix between The Doors and the masters of silence, The XX. One of the prime highlights of the album. It also features great guitar work and flute playing.

"Bleeding The Pigs" starts off sounding like a scene from the popular 90's shoot-em up game Half Life. Its like creeping aliens coming to take over the planet and strip us from our resources. Its massively epic, and again the baritone vocals give the story a narrator. "Casting Of The Ages" is a pure sludge-metal track with some of the most ear-clinging and catchy riffs of the entire album. Dramatically, this track is the unleasher of conflict that has been building, its a climatic movement with vicious dynamism and can be defined as the best representation of Neurosis' signature sound. "All is Found... In Time" is a very powerful track which is highlighted again by a simplistic interlude that lets the listener take a breather and absorb the energies that are so bountiful in Neurosis' music. The album is sealed by "Raise The Dawn", which leaves the listener yearning for more, but well satisfied.

An anonymous poet once said that ”all tempest has, like a navel, a hole in which a seagull may fly through in silence.” A befitting description of the universe of Neurosis. The listener is surrounded by a storm of heavy sounds, which are scarily well constructed, you feel mesmerized and allow it to take over. Do yourself a favour and try to listen to the full length of the album with eyes shut and no distractions, make it your lullaby, in chaos you will find beauty. You wont regret it.


Download: My Heart For Deliverance
For The Fans Of: Isis, Cult Of Luna, Tribes of Neurot

Release Date 30.10.2012
Neurot / Relapse Records

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