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The Dark Third

Written by: AP on 15/03/2007 12:37:52

Reading's Pure Reason Revolution has been referred to as the missing link between Pink Floyd and the 21st Century and compared to the likes of The Mars Volta and Muse with their exuberant progressive rock. This kind of critical appraisal promises sunshine and kittens; the album delivers the soundtrack to a space-odyssey.

The band's source of inspiration is hardly camouflaged (Immanuel Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason") and the album's title couldn't be more appropriate to sum it up. In the words of Jon Courtney, Pure Reason Revolution's all-around man - he does vocals, programs guitar sounds, plays keyboard and bass, We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and about six years of that is dreaming. I was always fascinated by the interpretation of dreams and their origin.

"The Dark Third" is an extremely diverse album, in that it pokes at a variety of genres, explores strange progressive paths in instrumentation, and is more than sufficiently catchy. To call it the progressive album of the past few years might be overstated, but it is certainly equipped to be in that position. Through its diversity, "The Dark Third" is sure to please the demands of fans ranging from Sigur Rós and The Mars Volta to Dream Theater and Tool. That is not to say that "The Dark Third" is some kind of honorary album to the mentioned bands; if Pure Reason Revolution is influenced by them, this respect is certainly subtle, in that the band's sound, if lighter, is just as original and complex.

"The Dark Third" is indeed a passionately instrumented, dream scape composition. Its mere breadth is enough to startle a critic striving for an objective stance. See, the trouble with reviewing an album as phenomenal and multi-dimensional as "The Dark Third" is that dictionaries don't have the kinds of adjectives that would be effective in describing it. Let's just say it's inconceivable.


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Release date 19.02.2007
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