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Some Loud Thunder

Written by: TL on 15/03/2007 00:23:41

Last year, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah released their self-titled debut to a loud thunder of critical acclaim, and to make some sort of statement against bands that wait the traditional two years between albums, Alec and the boys are already throwing their sophomore album "Some Loud Thunder" at us.

Now if you weren't one of the people who fell in love with "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah", you might wanna learn about what the band sounds like. Indie is a term that can be pretty much fused to the CYHSY name, and the band usually tends to sound like radio waves that somehow came through a wormhole straight from the late sixties. Weird but infectious guitar melodies spiced with all kinds of curious effects and accompanied by the hysterical high-strung vocal delivery of frontman Alec Ounsworth. Lines can be traced to bands like for instance The Arcade Fire but there's still a world of difference between their sound and the one of this band.

Back on their debut, Clap Your Hands charmed the music scene with a sunny, fast paced, anarchistic, euphoric and highly danceable delivery of their very unique style, on an album filled with songs that would force a smile on your face no matter what. The approach on the new album is somewhat different however, while the basic elements are still exactly the same, the expression in songs is way more diverse and experimental than that of the previous record. Thus on some songs like the opener "Some Loud Thunder" as well as "Emily Jean Stock" and "Underwater (You & Me)" you're bound to recognize a lot of the old CYHSY, while songs like "Satan Said Dance" and "Goodbye To The Mother And The Cove" will take you more or less by surprise with their electronic gimmicks and odd compositions.

The change in style will no doubt alienate many fans, as will the very noisy production the band has chosen to apply to their music. Make no mistake, CYHSY is still one hell of a weird and intriguing band, but while this album is definitely a more mature and progressive step for the band, the lack of the warmth and charm and euphoria of the previous one makes it pale a bit in comparison. A curiosity for some and an acquired taste for most, but never in danger of being anywhere near the average. For that Clap Your Hands are simply way too creative.


Download: Emily Jean Stock, Satan Said Dance, Underwater (You & Me)
For the fans of: The Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Cold War Kids
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Release Date 30.01.2007
Unsigned Band

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