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Usually when Danes start rock bands, they tend to view the style with retrospective glasses on, stretching all the way towards the 70s and early 80s to find inspiration. While that's all good and well, I think we've all heard enough Led Zeppelin wannabes and pure rock'n'roll bands for now. That's why it's refreshing to discover a new band in Copenhagen that's going for a slightly more modern approach like Dear Delusion. Their inspiration is primarily found at the beginning of the 90s, specifically in the Seattle region where grunge changed the face of rock music for good in the years that followed.

"Imprisonment", their debut album, references everyone from the gloomy grunge of Nirvana to the more upbeat version by Stone Temple Pilots, even reaching into the heavier realms of alternative rock in the vein of early Foo Fighters in places. Think "Monkey Wrench" style heavy alternative rock with plenty of groove, distortion, and attitude-driven singing. A song like "Outrunning Panic Attacks" resonates distinctly "Nevermind"-era Nirvana in its grungy riffs and atmosphere, while "Some Sort Of Breakdown" has a typically Foo Fighters-esque balladic opening that bursts into a loud wall of open-ended alternative rock. In general, Dear Delusion's sound isn't particularly original, in that it sounds pretty much like any early to mid 90s grunge band you care to name, but at the very least it's catchy. "Truly Insane", another highlight from the album, is one such example where hard-hitting riffs meet a smooth chorus that sticks to your mind instantly, and also carries a distinct 90s rock vibe.

Holistically, Dear Delusion present a convincing and a mature sound on "Imprisonment". The record is well-produced, and their songwriting is at a surprisingly strong level already at this point. Whether they have international potential will come down to their charisma at live shows, but when their vocalist can pull of such great Kurt Cobain / Scott Weiland impersonation on record, they seem to have the required character to pull it off.


Download: Outrunning Panic Attacks, Some Sort Of Breakdown, Truly Insane
For the fans of: early Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, Nirvana
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Release date 04.02.2013
Target Records

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