Don't set your dogs on me

Written by: HES on 21/02/2013 13:25:41

Coma is a 5-piece band from Łódź, Poland. This record is the sixt full-length album and the band has had great national success with more than one record topping the Polish charts. They’ve been supporting big names such as Linkin Park, Pearl Jam and Tool at their Polish tours. The band sells themselves as “classic rock” and that’s what they are.

Enjoying a great deal of success in their home country, bands like these rarely make it beyond the country’s own border. There are many reasons why this phenomenon is seen in many European countries. But one of my theories is some kind of lack of originality that the major bands of the genres have. The scene is more forgiving as bands usually end up being “local heroes”. In other words; Coma fall horribly short once they cross borders and hence are receptable for comparisons with the kings of the genre.

The musical universe of “Don’t Set Your Dogs On Me” is quite gloomy. Reminding me mainly of the way radio rock ventured in the start 00’s. “Dance with a Queen” for an example sounds mildly inspired by the style and effects of Korn. “Always Summer” is a vocal copy of Brad Arnold of Missisipi-quintet, 3 Doors Down. Overall the album is drenched with an old, uncreative sound. The band borrows from here and there and end up sounding like a weird mix of Nickelback and System of a Down. It’s horribly unsuccessful.

Again the soundsphere is very dark. There’s an uninspried use of guitar motifs and St Anger-style, “ringing” drums. The general feel is very generic – even though it’s obvious the band knows how to use their instruments, they just seem more “inspired than inspiring”.


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For The Fans Of: Korn, System of a Down, 3 Doors Down

Release Date 08.02.13

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