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Here's another UK band dipping their toes into the melodic hardcore scene that's oh-so-popular these days. Knights, as they are called, hail from York/Darlington, but their take on the style is more distinctly rooted in old school metalcore rather than lingering melodies and atmospherics on their debut album "Fables".

The first thing you'll notice are the shrieked vocals, which resemble the decipherable but awesomely raspy screams of John Henry of Darkest Hour fame, except without the crisp production that helps him to be a great vocalist than just a decent one, as is the case here. Riff-wise, the band vary between standard metalcore riffing to the Misery Signals inspired melodic pondering, which creates an interesting contrast between the high tempo sections and the more contemplative, melodic riffs that take the lead role in the slower sections. They work some ambiance into the mix as well, but it's the coarse vocals vs the melodic lead guitars dynamic that takes center stage here. And for good reason. On several tracks, most notably on "The Ranger" and on "Genoa", the juxtaposition results in a great melody that belies the amount of Facebook fans Knights have at this point.

Clean vocals are mostly shunned upon, with the coarse shrieks leading the way of the raw, but nicely melodic guitar-driven soundscape. Production issues are aplenty - because this album could sound WAY better with a proper budget - but yet it's professional enough to let anyone with ears to spot the obvious talent behind the album in general. Give these guys some money, and they'll record something awesome. For now, they are merely decent and worthy of keeping an eye on.


Download: The Ranger, Genoa
For the fans of: Darkest Hour, Misery Signals, Knights Of The Abyss
Listen: Facebook

Release date 10.01.2012

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