As They Burn

Will, Love, Life

Written by: AZ on 19/02/2013 01:27:08

This review is about a band lurking in the modern musical behemoth of a genre known as deathcore. The style of metal that, to me, has been boiling so much that more than 75 percent of the bands that go out to chug on 7 or 8-string guitars evaporate before their first tour is over. The majority of those groups disappear simply because they follow a pre-designed pattern, a tested path. The others that survive are the ones that explore something more than the 'mysterious' ways of combining a breakdown with the next. They are the ones that build tension with and then lay fire on the listener.

As They Burn are the next contenders for the title the next big head-ripping, blood-chilling and bone-crushing band. Their latest release “Will, Love, Life” is a solid one. Simple as that. If you're looking for something that has intensity, 'in your face' aggression, chugging guitars and corresponds to the latest trends in the most posh of the heavy genres – you're at the right place. The mentioned guitars are tuned low, the flat caps are turned to the side and hoodies are on. To go along with that, the ever so trendy electronic elements linger in the songs here and there. Harsh vocals are backed at times by dissonant guitar chords and at times by spacey/epic type of guitar melodies that “fly” on top of the deep gurgles of Hoby Arinosy and Fabio Meschini's guitars.

Yup, the French quintet is not losing too much sleep on their musical presentation – the rule here is heavy is good! It is hard to blame the band though. The album provides a good reference to multiple bands in the genre that seem to have played a part in the musical formation of As They Burn. I must admit that songs like “F.R.E.A.K.S” and “When Everything Falls Apart” have a very, very strong resemblance with Emmure's sound, and in particular, their hit “Solar Flare Homocide” (Ah, Frankie Palmeri should be proud!). Quite frankly Kevin Trevor's vocals make me think of Oceano in some way at times.

But to be honest, “Will, Love, Life” is nothing you haven't heard before. If you have heard deathcore or djent in the past, you will find nothing surprising here. Still, this album is the product of some good hard work and respect should always be paid where it is due.


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For The Fans Of: Emmure, Whitechapel, Oceano
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Release Date 19.02.2013
Victory Records

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