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You, Me, and the Dog

Written by: BV on 14/02/2013 17:24:21

Go Big is the name of a band from Long Island, NY that plays an odd blend of punk, rock n’ roll and folk music, with a horn section added just to make things weirder - and that it does. Throughout their five track EP "You, Me, And The Dog" the listener is bombarded with upbeat party music, or at least something that resembles it quite a lot.

The opening track of the EP “L I Double R” is exactly one of those upbeat rhythms and with a plethora of solid bass riffs and tight drums this track seems to be everything you really need to get the party going. – The male and female vocals on the track also blend really well together in this soundscape. But is it really that simple? Is Go Big just yet another band playing music specifically designed for partying? No, of course they aren’t – which is lucky as hell for me, since I can’t stand that type of music. Not for long, at least.

As the EP gradually continues, a deeper, perhaps more sensitive side of Go Big emerges. The side of Go Big that seems hell bent on writing low key, somewhat moody singer/songwriter type material. I’ve got to say, that this spectrum of Go Big is far more to my liking. The track “Zaphod and the Earthman” is just one of these tracks. It’s low key, down to earth and most of all – it’s intriguing me on profoundly personal level. I’m a sucker for tracks that start off with basic acoustic instrumentation, while gradually progressing into a full band situation – and as you might have guessed, this is exactly what is happening in "Zaphod and the Earthman".

The last track of the EP which is coincidentally the title track, should in theory be just to my liking then, as the song starts off with the basic acoustic elements. As the song progresses however, I am starting to get the feeling that nothing new is really gonna happen, and the track itself seems to be ‘stuck in a ditch’ one might say. So sadly, the EP is a mixed experience for me to say the least.

While tracks like “Zaphod and the Earthman” please me to no end, there are still the songs on the EP that are not really to my liking, but seem to be well crafted and awfully catchy. And then we get to the title track, to which I cannot relate nor find interest in. All in all, it is a mixed affair with several moments of glory – but also several moments of triviality. I like it however, and I might see myself putting on the EP again, sometime in the future – at least to hear “Zaphod and the Earthman” a couple more times.

Download: Zaphod and the Earthman, L I Double R, Chickens Don’t Clap
For The Fans Of: Beans on Toast, Less Than Jake, The Format
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Release Date 28.09.2012

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