Kollapse EP

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One thing's for sure, the talent and musical ambition that surrounds the Mighty Midgets bunch is endless. While their main duties are found within the hardcore punk band, they also operate a record label, Niels has his own screamer-songwriter project in Stöj Snak, and in Kollapse we find Troels cooperating with members of Aedra for yet another, wholly different sound.

Their self-titled debut EP is in effect a combination of sounds from both bands. On one hand, you have the fierce, hardcore oriented vocal work that features lo-fi growls and anarcho punk style screaming, and on the other, you have a crusty guitar sound that draws parallels to sludge and doom metal bands at the same time. It's an interesting mixture of the ferocity of hardcore and the creepy atmosphere of doom, and the band even throw in elements of rock'n'roll in the mix, specifically in the form of guitar grooves. These are often found above the purposefully muddy and over-distorted bass guitar that provides an ugly, misanthropic vibe to the whole disc. It's a brooding, totally uncompromising sound that challenges your preconceptions of what can still be considered music. Truth be told, they probably don't give a fuck about what you think, at least based on the forcible nature of their expression.

Basically, think the likes of Unsane, Unearthly Trance, Today Is The Day etc, and then bring in the rock'n'roll groove and elements of crust/hardcore into the mix. It's a crazy idea, but it works surprisingly well in practice. That being said, the expression is often too extreme for its own sake, for where it works on one song, the atmosphere can feel too suffocating on the next. Overall thoughts? Decent.

Download: Coffins, Minamata Disease
For the fans of: Unsane, Swans, Unearthly Trance
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Release date 07.12.2012
5 Feet Under Records

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