I Am Abomination

Let The Future Tell The Truth

Written by: PP on 12/02/2013 18:15:24

The sophomore full length by I Am Abomination continues to portray the band as a different kind of post-hardcore band, one that isn't riddled by scene clichés and breakdowns throughout. Instead, "Let The Future Tell The Truth" continues their evolution as musicians and as songwriters, once again demonstrating a knack for technical prowess and fluid song structures few bands in this genre are able to put together.

Still taking their cues from Protest The Hero in terms of complex guitar arrangements and technical lead riffs, they've brought in even more Chiodos influence this time around through a grand soundscape that avoids purposeless theatrics and instead delivers a soothing, yet expansive sound of parts that each complement one another nicely. On one hand, you have sublime clean vocal work, which averages around the mid range and never reaches into the annoying whiny emo pitch, but at the same time retains a strained delivery that makes it interesting. Then as a contrasting force you have the highly technical and inventive guitar playing that ensures a busy soundscape even for those less catchy vocal moments.

Sometimes the two meet together in near-perfection, such as on album highlight "One False Step", which has aggressive guitars, yet the vocal contrast creates a lofty atmosphere which combines epic with infectiously catchy. That is post-hardcore godhood right there, peeps. "Retainer Sacrifice" and even opener "Content And Amend" fall underneath that label as well, given how they both own a sense of artistic depth and intricacy that usually doesn't exist with band playing this style. And while there could be more such moments scattered across the record, there's no denying in "Let The Future Tell The Truth" being a solid album in the genre, one that dares to differ from the mainstream flow of the style while exploring its own stylistic identity.


Download: One False Step, Contend And Amend, Retainer Sacrifice
For the fans of: Protest The Hero, Chiodos
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Release date 27.11.2012

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