Western Medication

Painted World EP

Written by: BV on 10/02/2013 18:49:15

Western medication is a punk/post-punk outfit from Nashville, Tennessee that plays an aggressive, yet downplayed and at times, mellow post-punk style. Seems impossible, right? Well it really isn’t. Throughout the EP’s five tracks there are vast differences in style and expression, which in many cases could be confusing as hell and horrible to listen to. With "Western Medication" however, this is not the case.

Two of the most diverse tracks on the album that come to mind are “Interlude” and the title-track “Painted World”. Where “Interlude” is a stripped down guitar noodling affair with very little going on except for the guitar that’s constantly jangling away, “Painted World” is a truly aggressive sounding but uncannily balanced song with a semi-repetitive riff that constantly reminds me of why I love Joy Division as much as I do. Just the fact that Joy Division is one of the first things that comes to my mind is a magnificent stamp of approval in my world.

While the album is 5 tracks long, the runtime is exceptionally short – even for this genre since two of the five tracks are just about a minute long. So, apparent as it might have become, I find the runtime unsatisfying since I honestly think it should have been something closer to a full album, if they could maintain this type of variation throughout the runtime of such a release.

I take comfort in the fact that they have another EP slated for release within the next few months, and I hope it’s gonna sound something like this.


Download: Big City, Interlude, Painted World
For The Fans Of: Joy Division, Television Personalities, Wire
Listen: facebook.com

Release Date 29.01.2013
Jeffrey Drag Records

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