Point Break

Written by: HES on 10/02/2013 18:16:46

Veto is a famous name in the Danish rock-scene. The Aarhus-band were first noticed when they released the single “You Are a Knife” back in 2006 and ever since they have been in and out of the limelight. Recently the band has adopted a strategy of publishing shorter EP’s between their studio albums. The band balances the fine line between oversaturating the market and having a creative outlet. “Point Break” is one of these EP’s.

The band is first off known for their electronic sound. It’s still a part of their soundscape, but their sound has changed towards a more homogenic rock-sound. “Point Break” is not a happy-go-lucky album. The sounds are dark, electric, industrial and cold. Frontman Troels Abrahamsen’s voice is in a state of constant acuteness as it leads you down the musical back alleys of Veto’s universe.

The 2013-single “Battle” is breaking a bit with the dystopian sound. This is probably the closest the band has ever been to sounding “pop-ish” with a dynamic rhythm, catchy refrains and playful lyrics “You are the field where I place my batteries. You are the shore where I set my infantry. You are the city where I drop my bombs in. You are the caves where I set my drones in.” staying true to Veto’s brand of mixing personal stories with potent, political statements. “Consumer Logic” is Veto’s take on a battle and Abrahamsen outdoes himself vocally backing vocals coming in waves of almost Japanese-sounding squeals.

Veto has a very strong musical point of view – something that can surprise new listeners. The idea of putting these very condensed, heavy songs into an EP maybe makes it an easier pill to swallow and maybe even enjoy. I found it way easier to get into their sound when listening to this EP than the full-length albums before it. In an age where time for reflection is scarce, the EP’s may find a new golden age. Kudos to Veto for not only being musical pioneers but also ready to challenge our conception of how music should be published.


Download: "Battle", "Consumer Logic" and "Hidden Laws"
For The Fans Of: When saints Go Machine, The Floor is Made of Lava and Turboweekend

Release Date 18.01.2013

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