Rose Tattoo

Blood Brothers

Written by: PP on 13/03/2007 12:24:38

Rose Tattoo is another one of those cult hard rock bands founded in the 80s when bands like Guns N Roses, Aerosmith and AC/DC wrote some of their most classic records. Even on their 2007 album "Blood Brothers", the bluesy Australians still sound like time and music evolution had stopped in mid to late 80s and write the kind of rowdy hard rock that was surrounded with the Spinal Tap/Mötley Crue style culture of trashing hotel rooms and removing entirely functional TV sets through third storey windows - the real rock and roll lifestyle some might say.

"Blood Brothers" sounds like it was recorded live. Vocalist Angry Anderson not only sounds like Axl Rose in the 80s, but his voice echoes across the soundscape making it all sound like an arena-sized festival performance. The slower songs like "City Blues" aren't as appealing as the guitar-driven anthems like "Slipping Away", most of which could be perfectly suitable for Guitar Hero 2. Consequently much of the album will surely trigger nostalgic moments in those who were around in the 80s: "Sweet Meat" sounds like Motörhead's "Shout At The Devil" sampled in a live atmosphere, "Once In A Lifetime" could have been written by any of the 80s hard rock artists with its guitar-driven melody, and "1854" makes you think of Guns N Roses straight away. Think lots of solos and distorted guitars.

It all sounds terrificly like the 80s, I hear you say, and how is that relevant today? The only redeeming factor for the album is that its sound is just like Aerosmith's live album "A Little South Of Sanity", which makes you think these were songs recorded long, long time ago and just re-recorded in a live setting. Without this quality, much of the album would sound terribly outdated and irrelevant, but now it sounds joyfully nostalgic and revivalist. If you didn't like the 80s rock and roll in early 90s, it's unlikely "Blood Brothers" will change that opinion, but if you've ever fallen in love with the manly "I don't give a fuck" attitude present in many Motörhead and Guns N Roses songs, theres no doubt you will like this record, too, because attitude is something what Rose Tattoo isn't short of.

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For the fans of: Motörhead, Guns N Roses, Mötley Crue, old Aerosmith
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Release date 19.02.2007
Armageddon Music
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