Say Hello To Sunshine

Written by: KS on 13/06/2005 20:59:26

My expectations of the new Finch albums were sky-high. Unfortunately when you have too high expectations you are bound to be disappointed and that's exactly how I feel about 'Say Hello To Sunshine'. I was very eager to get first listens on this and I downloaded everything of their site when they made it availible. Those tracks then seemed okay, not great, but rather decent. When I then got my itching fingers onto this record and listened through it for the first time, I just sat and could not believe that they were able to put such shit out when they made a brilliant, and a favorite album for me of all time, debut with 'What It Is To Burn'. Unfortunately they haven't been able to pick up from there and create a new masterpeice. The sound has become darker, but it's lots more mellow and sometimes even boring. Since my first listen it has grown on me, but not enough that I'll actually put it on. I had to force myself to listen to it a lot of times, since there's simply a lot of better things out there. On the plus side they have developed their sound, but unfortunately it's not for the better. I know this might sound like a harsh review but they should know what it is to burn.


Download: Brother Bleed Brother
For the fans of: Senses Fail, The Postman Syndrome

Release date 7.6.2005
Geffen Records

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