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Bitch, please!

Written by: AZ on 09/02/2013 15:30:19

Relationships between people are not what they used to be. A great percentage of the communication today is done through the web and this has changed (for better or for worse) the way we interact. On one hand, everybody is able to represent themselves in whatever way they like. Appearance, info – you name it. On the other hand conversations are getting very artificial. First emoticons opted to put some “flavor” in chat environment. And then came the memes. That's right – facial expressions from comics, drawings or real live pics make a whole sentence obsolete. Well isn't it time to step up again? Maybe add some music to facilitate all these silly pictures? How about some metalcore?

By now, I'd guess you're probably asking yourself “What the hell is this guy talking about?”. Well, dear friends, this was a very lengthy introduction to the album title of Cold in December's first release - “Bitch, please”. Strangely enough the quartet coming from Pernik, Bulgaria has pointed out an expression, that puts a stupid smile on everybody’s face, as a song and an album title. Their musical debut, however, relies on no strangeness but rather on pure energy and “in your face” hardcore. With six songs and an intro that mixes Bulgarian and English lyrics, Alex (vocals/bass), Martin (guitar), Angel (guitar) and Bobby (drums) have gathered their will to pursue the scene's recognition. And with their upcoming Bulgarian/European tour things will surely go for the better.

The album itself is a firm mix between hardcore in the style of Irate's “Vendetta”, melodic parts that can be heard in This Or The Apocalypses' “Americans”, screamo vocals and slow breakdowns shaking the nearest seismometer. The guys have mostly been aiming for the modern type of metalcore, not forgetting their earlier musical influences. Energy is kept high at most times with a good balance between solid guitars and bass, backed up well with a nice doze of double bass. Lyric-wise vocalist Alex seems to find inspiration within his surrounding and the reality that him and his mates face emerging from a smaller city. Lyrics discuss the togetherness of the “family”, friends that leave for good, foes that appear each day and the middle finger that some of them need to see every now and then.

”Bitch, please!” is the first full length album that Cold In December put out. Hard work and dedication will be the judges of their future endeavors. As for this one – check it out!


Download: Faces In The Crowd, Escape
For The Fans Of: Hardcore, Metalcore
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Release Date 20.12.2012
Self released

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