With Time Comes The Comfort

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Seeking to get into the melodic hardcore trend, Rise Records inked a deal with the up-and-comers Rescuer from Tampa, Florida last year. Like so many other bands in the genre, they basically position themselves somewhere within a triangular shape of vertices that consists of metalcore, hardcore, and post-hardcore, though their debut album "With Time Comes The Comfort" certainly places them closest to the latter two genres.

It's a sound we've heard enough times this past 12-24 months for it to splurge out of our ears already, so how do Rescuer distinguish themselves from the rest of the group? Well, they look into the retrospective, and pull out their best Silverstein impression while wearing a coat made out of the fur of a Touché Amoré style emotional hardcore band. So basically, throw in a hardcore punk based sound with a bunch of emo influences as well as some post-hardcore for good measure. Sounds neat, eh?

There are a couple of songs where it works really well, such as "Birds Of Prey", "Shame" and "Faded Youth". This is mostly due to the explosive scream of their vocalist, and the dynamic he enjoys with the melodic guitar lines. Yet it's difficult to shake off the feeling that even though they are playing the genre according to its rulebook, the songs just don't stick to your mind. They have a good mix of melody, aggression, and emotion, but lack the magic moments that make them into great songs from merely decent ones. "With Time Comes The Comfort" is therefore arguably a sign that this style is quickly approaching its saturation point, because it's a decent release but just doesn't grab its listener in the same way as the instant classics within the genre have done in recent years.


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For the fans of: Silverstein, Touché Amoré, Defeater
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Release date 14.01.2013
Rise Records

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