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Volume III: Hell’s Likely

Written by: TAJ on 08/02/2013 21:44:51

Mammoth Mammoth are four rock’n’rollers with a rowdy character from Australia who have their third release named “Volume III – Hell’s Likely” on the loose now. The sound we are presented is riffing careening towards Thin Lizzy and AC/DC, ass kicking tempo and attitude comparable to Motörhead, added a small portion of warm buzzing and heaviness from stoner metal. Basically a combination with only one intention on its schedule – To rock like hell.

A task the two-minute short but effective, album opener and title track, “Hell’s Likely” does a fine job kick starting with its repetitive riffs but extremely fast tempo. A heavy almost doom buzz of an intro makes following track “GO” sound very promising, but as the actual song begins it’s not grand enough to do the intro justice. The problem is that “GO” is, like “Hell’s Likely”, a long line of a loud repetitive riff but slowed a bit down in tempo. The rest of the album appears to follow this same repetitive riff formula which works better for some of the songs than others. I would like to highlight “(Up All Night) Demons To Fight” where this formula shines most with a solid heavy riff and great vocal hook as chorus.

However most of the time what fills your auditory canals are mediocre riffs easily forgettable and in general the tracks have a tendency of sounding too much alike hence few or no elements/moments are present that make them memorable. So before you know it “Volume III – Hell’s Likely” is over and due to its only 33 minutes long spin time it only makes it seems an even shorter trip. A spin time more suited for en EP you might think.

But that’s only the standard release as the full release contains no less than five bonus track and thereby extending it to a respectable full length time. Alas, these bonus tracks where probably material that wasn’t good enough to make the cut for the actual album. This is underlined by first and worst bonus track “Another Drink” that basically are four minutes of the same three chords being mechanically chugged in a dull monotonous pace with the line “I need another drink” being soullessly belted out countless times.

The album does however rock even though it is forgettable and might come of as bit of a cliché. So for purposes like partying, chugging beer or just in general having a good time this does manage to do the job.

Download: (Up All Night) Demons To Fight, Bury Me, Hell’s Likely.
For the fans of: Motörhead, Black Space Riders, Camarosmith
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Release date 26.11.2012
Napalm Records

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