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Written by: PP on 05/02/2013 21:52:48

It's been more than half a decade since The Distillers broke up, and we haven't seen a new rowdy female step up to front a punk rock band in the same way that Brody Dalle projected herself during their seminal albums and legendary live shows. But here's a band who've come probably closest into re-creating some of that awesome, pissed off female fury that characterized The Distillers throughout their career. It's an Israeli quartet (of all places!) called Not On Tour, and although their sophomore album "All This Time" carries many of the same flavors of "Coral Fang" and especially "Sing Sing Death House", they're far from a clone band.

Instead, Not On Tour attack the listener with short, under two-minute waves of aggressive, yet melodic punk rock energy that draws from intense melodic hardcore of Smartbomb, Shook Ones and other high-octane punk rock bands clearly rooted in hardcore. The raw, ringing distortion of their guitars is matched by the scratchy, roughened delivery of vocalist Sima, who leaves most of her male counterparts hanging their head in shame with the amount of sheer attitude and energy she's able to pack into her style. She absolutely explodes over the microphone, but not at the cost of melodic hook-lines and catchy choruses. She's the star of their show, because the 16 tracks would otherwise fly by like a fighter jet considering their relentless pace and uncompromising stance on hardcore rooted punk rock riffs.

There are moments where "All This Time" may sound a little too much like The Distillers for some people's tastes, but hey, they've been defunct for more than seven years now and nobody's filling the void. You can never have too many quality female-fronted bands anyway, not just in punk rock but within rock music in general, so to have this unknown Israeli outfit absolutely explode to the scene with their style and especially their vocalist is welcomed with open arms by this scribe.

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Release date 20.09.2012

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