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Polymorphic Code

Written by: AZ on 02/02/2013 16:26:03

Modern musicians are always looking for a way to break the bubble of long lived styles and genres. Some of them want to expand upon what was previously built, some want to destroy and then start from scratch, and some just like to mash up music as it is. The last option is the one viewed by this puzzled/intrigued reviewer as he listens to a truly unique combination of various genres that bravely post the questions: “Is combining electronica, dubstep, metal and dance music a good idea? Can they dwell in the same space?”. There is only one simple way to find out – let's check out The Algorithm.

As one could expect this project is the creation of a single man's daring mind and that man is Remi Gallego. A music producer from France, Remi takes on the challenges that djent and modern deathcore bands presented to metal music and pushes the whole experience to a totally different universe. He calls it The Algorithm and it's first release is “Polymorphic Code”. Of course every smart man needs help from time to time. In order to bring a bit of human aspect (sounds funny, doesn't it?) to the live shows, Remi calls on Mike Malayn (Monuments) to connect all the technically innovative, boundary-pushing drum parts into to a flawless rhythm. Now that this abomination of visions is assembled, it is ready to travel with the speed of light, breaking all stereotyped musical tastes to pieces swiftly and with style (the name of which I honestly don't know).

If you want my honest opinion – it is fresh. A great journey and a great take on what the music scene has been putting out in a while. Bare in mind that this music project/band presents the more electronic side of things. And what's bad about that? If it messes seriously with my head, that's good in my book. From time to time, though, I feel that the connection between various song parts is too forced, too artificial. It just doesn't sound right. Yes, I know is made by a machine with the intention of being mechanically precise, but still, patched up parts don't sound good even if they are incompatible or have never been heard before.

Bottom line: if you are looking to shake your mind a bit, maybe lose yourself in giant wave of a musical meshugga, “Polymorphic Code” is your ticket for the night. Press play and go wild!

Download: Access Granted, Trojans, Logic Bomb
For The Fans Of: Electronica breakdowns, djenty guitars, gut wrenching sub woobs
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Release Date 19.11.2012
Basick Records

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