Void Of Sleep

Tales Between Madness And Reality

Written by: TAJ on 27/01/2013 19:22:33

Void of Sleep is a fairly new Italian quartet founded in 2010 playing sludge metal in its finest form. The genre sludge itself is quite difficult to contain into a specific sound, as it is made up from various other sub-genres, and Void of Sleep have not restrained themselves when creating the ingredient list for their musical recipe that defines their debut record “Tales Between Reality And Madness”.

It kicks of with “Blood On My Hands”, which leads down a well known sludgy pathway with hard hitting riffs and vocal passages of both yelling and clear singing. Around the 3 minute mark and from here on forth for the remainder of the record, sludge serves merely as the core or some sort of platform from where Void Of Sleep launches forays to moments of anything from heavy stoner riffs to expansive build up progressions amongst other twists which are shuffled into the mix.

The ingredient of psychedelic touches is also present, yet not in a trippy way with flashy colours and spirals twirling, but the more darker shaded haze of the mysterious sort. This leads me to mention the immense production which is highly suitable and brings clearness even when the more psychedelic parts dominate with a hazy feel - or sharpens the heavy effect of moments when the guitarists play simultaneously.

For the more technical notes, I would like to start with a remark about the drumming, which underneath the seemingly ever changing soundscape and solid riffing does an excellent job of capturing the feeling of the tracks. He adjusts his pace and makes the songs feel more alive. The bass player must be highlighted as well, shredding just as powerfully as the guitarists on the aggressive passages, and at times gets to solely perform the main riff. Overall the tight and cohesive interplay by all band members proves their skill. A feat used also to make sure none of the build ups are in vain, making sure when they are released, the requested compelling follow up is present. In general, directionless moments on “Tales Between Madness And Reality” are difficult to discover.

With the vast array of diversity, “Tales Between Reality And Madness” could easily have ended up in a chaotic maelstrom but fortunately it is intertwined gracefully and Void Of Sleep can be said to have compiled a profound tale out of initial madness.


Download: Lost In The Void, Wisdom Of Doom, The Great Escape Of The Giant Stone Man.
For The Fans Of: Baroness, Kylesa, Mastodon, Black Tusk.
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Release Date 21.01.2013
Aural Music

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