Lost In Despair

Departure EP

Written by: SC on 27/01/2013 16:21:01

Newly formed metalcore-band Lost In Despair from Fredericia, Denmark have just released their debut “Departure EP”. The metalcore scene is loaded with no-talent bands that just want their piece of the tasteless cake and bands like these just ruins the taste for all the rest of us. Luckily for us who do like this aggressive, breakdown filled sub-genre bands like Lost In Despair bring back the hope in our lives.

The speed here is not as high as one might expect. This gives the listener the possibility to enjoy the compositions and makes it an exciting release. At the same time is it rather pleasing that the speed and noise is not dominating and removing the focus from the quality of the material and the brilliant production. Despite all this patting on the back, Lost In Despair do not bring anything new to the scene. One of the criticisms I can come up with is that they do not seem to take any chances. However I think that they in time will be able to create their own expression and become a great player on the Danish metal scene.

“Departure” is filled to the brim with amazing riffs that mixes complexity and simplicity to the perfect level. This balancing act puts up the benchmark for the quality level of the release. The EP contains three full-length tracks and an intro, which as a whole creates a quite nice listen and keeps you longing for more. Personally I hope to hear a lot more to these guys in the future and I am really looking forward to see them live to investigate whether they can play this in real life.


Download: Intro, Leave It All Behind, Lost, Rebound
For The Fans Of: August Burns Red, Parkway Drive, After The Burial
Listen: facebook.com

Release Date 22.12.2012

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