Nothing Happens. Nobody Comes, Nobody Goes

Written by: PP on 26/01/2013 19:25:30

Promethee are a great example of the problems we find within the metalcore scene. While they are technically sound, skilled musicians and write songs that are at least decent according to anyone's standards, they struggle with writing truly memorable pieces of music that would last well beyond your current listening session. I've spent the last few weeks trying to dissect their debut album "Nothing happens. Nobody Comes, Nobody Goes" and get into it, because it references the good kind of metalcore with progressive elements in it and subtle hints of melody instead of boring chug-chug material, but it just won't stick. Not one bit.

I hesitate to call them generic, but in reality, that's precisely what Promethee are. Their take on the metalcore genre is so anonymous and bland that it's difficult to even find words to describe it properly. Yes, they have progressive passages, echoing screams, and melodic interludes to their progressive metalcore, but you've heard all that before in better form than here. While there are exceptions where Promethee showcase a few slick riffs or a catchy vocal passage, holistically the album escapes from your memory the moment you're done listening to it. Much of it has to do with their vocalist, who is decent, but doesn't have enough character to stick out. His monotonous scream throughout the record does little to push it away from sounding bland.

All of this isn't to say that Promethee is a terrible album. It's just a rather forgettable one, and in a genre as saturated as metalcore, you simply need to do better than that in order to survive. Give this one a skip, and await for the inevitable better releases the genre has to offer in 2013.


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Release date 21.01.2013
Bad Moon Records

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