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Written by: BV on 26/01/2013 16:04:21

“Lights & Motion” is a band that I haven’t come across before. Upon numerous listens though, it is becoming increasingly evident why. The music is ambient, mostly instrumental post rock and it is filled with epic build up sections where delay and reverb laden guitars dominate the soundscape, while the bass-drum keeps pounding away with a single mission – to keep the beat steady, so the delay filled sections won’t become completely mashed up. The reason for my earlier statement, wherein I noted it as ‘increasingly evident’ why I hadn’t heard about “Lights & Motion” was by no means meant as a fully negative statement. It was, however, meant as an insight into what I spend most of my time listening to. – And this is, quite frankly, miles away from what I usually listen to. A little change has never harmed anyone though, so I proceed with the listening.

As mentioned earlier, the soundscapes are extremely ambient, almost to the point of being ethereal sounding which is by all means fine and dandy to my ears. The trouble is, however, that the music is purely instrumental. Normally, I’m not the type of guy to get alarmed by this, on the contrary, actually. But when it comes to the ambient approach, I simply fear it will become a too uniform listening experience where the tracks will inevitably melt together – with mixed results. Due to the increasing anonymity, I find it hard to find the standout tracks – the ones that really catch my attention. I’m almost frantically sorry to say that by my 5th listen-through of the album, I can’t pinpoint a single song title yet. So when I say, that “Home” is one of my favorite tracks from the album, it is only made possible by me hearing the track and going: ‘what was that track called again?’

So to be fair about it, there aren’t any ‘bad’ tracks on the album – but there are a lot of very anonymous tracks. This could in part be because of the instrumental nature of the album, or it could be because there might be an underlying theme or concept of the album that I just don’t quite understand. In any case, I feel that the music is well-written and extremely polished sounding – hence, ethereal sounding. But I feel that most of the tracks are simply far too easy to forget, to be qualified as solid or even strong tracks. I like parts of what I hear on this album, but perhaps “Lights & Motion” should reconsider their approach to writing music, or, at least incorporate some more influences into the soundscape to create a little diversity. It wouldn’t hurt to try, anyway.

Download: Home, Requiem, Victory Rose
For The Fans Of: Sigur Ros, M83, U2

Release Date 16.01.2013
Deep Elm Records

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