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Dear G-d

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Being As An Ocean is an American melodic hardcore band from Alpine, California, formed in 2011. As you see out there five guys - Joel, Jacob, Ralph, Shad and Tyler have given a birth to one kid - an album named "Dear G-d" in 2012. They have already managed one such 'kid' and over 74.000 fans on their facebook page in their time playing together. I wouldn't say that's a bad start for such a young band as BAAO. It seems the band has developed and jumped in the music field quite fast.

Firstly, the band has an emo-ish hardcore/post metalcore sound. It reminds me of well known Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive and American hardcore band As We Were. You can hear emotional love stories in the lyrics to the first four songs of the album. It might be too sweet for some listeners, but you can feel deep thought and expressions going out of the writer. Track five, "The Sea Always Seems To Put Me At Ease" sounds like a prayer - I'd say a prayer of a man who airs out his doubts about his lifestyle and who wants to get better and show more appreciation for the people around him. This impression also shows up in the last half of the album.

One of my favorites is number seven "It's Really Not As Complicated As You're Making It Out To Be". I guess the band believes in God but they don't try to convert listeners if they are against it. A sampled bit of a Mahatma Gandhi speech further draws your attention to this song. My impression was "Yes, I got it! I got your message". In fact, the entire album speaks about belief, rising, moments of waking up or self-empowerment, and it all successfully connects to the musical background.

About vocals, I really want to highlight Joel Quartuccio's vocals. He has a pretty powerful voice for both screaming and yelling, and he has a storytelling vibe that totally fits in on the hardcore scene. This is one area where the band specifically reminds me of As We Were. Then there is the question: ''Where is this emo-ish part?''. It comes from the slightly sentimental backing vocals. Honestly these are totally not my type to listen to in this music genre. The melodic singing turned away my attention and in my opinion it does not really fit in.

Instrumentally the band sounds full of energy, passion and clear sound; and you get the feeling that their playing is tight and harmonious at all times. The drumming by Shad Hamawe is, I would say, technically right and easy to follow, and it sounds very typical for metalcore. The best part of it is that his rhythms and beats succesfully augment the music's emotional parts.

The hit of the "Dear G-d" albums is definitely the last song "If They're Not Counted, Count Me Out". It makes you to wish to listen deeper to each word. The combination of the storytelling with expressions by Joel and the melodic metalcore sound takes you through their style's journey and I guess that's what they wanted to share. For me though, those melodic backing vocals really subtract from the overall experience, but if you are interested in melodic hardcore, then definitely check this out!


Download: If They're Not Counted, Count Me Out; The Sea Always Seems To Put Me At Ease; It's Really Not As Complicated As You're Making It Out To Be
For The Fans Of: Parkway Drive, As We Were

Release Date 23.10.2012
InVogue Records

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