Caught In The Grips

Written by: PP on 19/01/2013 18:20:36

If you're longing for a sound that blends together the classic street vibes of New York Hardcore and the 80s style 'youth crew' hardcore, the new album "Caught In The Grips" by New Jersey based hardcore unit 96 might be just what you're looking for. It's a record that brings together the classic crunch of hardcore's foundations together with the undisputable groove of NYHC bands like Madball and Agnostic front, delivered over angry, pissed off lyrics and two-step friendly rhythms.

It's a very authentic sound, but at the same time it's rather stereotypical to hardcore. The variations of the spit-in-your-face vocal style and the down-tuned guitar rhythms have been explored to endless measure, so "Caught In The Grips" naturally offers little innovation or new-thinking in this area. They compensate with sheer attitude and a sound that's designed to be played live in sweaty underground venues, though, so fans of hardcore will find plenty to like here. Whether it's the instrumental sections intentionally designed for the two-stepper in your heart, or the circle-pit inducing breakneck speed hardcore punk songs like "Hard Luck", 96 come across exactly as you expect a hardcore band to do: fueled by passion, honesty, and all that stuff.

But at the same time, the songwriting isn't quite consistent enough in comparison to the big names in the genre. There's a few decent cuts scattered across the album, but not enough to raise an eyebrow or two as a result of an active-listening session through the entire album. Hardcore the way hardcore was meant to be played, sure, but some creativity wouldn't hurt here.

Download: Had Enough, Fast Money, Hard Luck
For the fans of: Madball, Youth Of Today, Gorilla Biscuits,
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Release date 12.02.2013
Hotfoot Records

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